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Reducing Returns

is a retail imperative

Being able to prevent returns can unlock higher retention of revenue,

satisfied customers and highly efficient operations.


ReturnSense makes it possible


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Enable Seamless Shopping Experience

ReturnSenseTM is triggered post purchase. The algorithm draws insights from over 1000 data variables to predict which orders are likely to be returned. This way a customer’s active shopping experience is never disrupted.

Real-time Insights
on Returns

ReturnSenseTM Score
for each customer

SupplySenseTM Score for each Shipping Carrier

Automated preventive

Easy eCommerce

RESTful API-based

The only AI-powered returns prevention platform.

ReturnSense looks at over 200 signals to gauge if a customer is likely to return a purchase. Combining contextual behavioral triggers with AI to improve customer response to returns is at the core of our platform

At SupplyAI we expect the consumer behavior changing rapidly